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South Shore Speed 

Football Field


What is South Shore Speed Clinic 

South Shore Speed Clinic is a speed program designed to help athletes reach their maximum potential when it comes to speed. our program aims to educate, test and evaluate athletes on a consistent basis to help each athlete progress in the many different forms of speed.  


Our Progranm 

Our Program strives to help each athletes develop in different forms of speed. 

  • Acceleration 

  • Deceleration 

  • Change of Direction 

  • Maximum Velocity 

  • Multidirectional 

  • Stride Length /  Stride Frequency 

  • Balance and Coordination 

  • Quickness in first step 

  • Power 

  • Agility 


Age and Grade 

South Shore Speed Clinics is a 4 week long speed program.


sessions are held off site at  Starland Sportsplex located in Hanover, MA

Sessions run from April 4th to 28th and are held every Tuesday

and Thursday from 6pm - 7pm 

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