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Our goal is your goal! 

At Moses Fitness we believe every adult should not only look and feel their absolute best but also train in ways that are going to help improve their everyday lifestyle. We believe all of our adults can achieve any goal they set and we are dedicated to helping our adult clientele reach all their fitness goals. 


1 on 1 Private personal training

Email :
call/text : 401- 301- 3722 


Monday - 6am,7am , 9am, 11am , 4pm 

Tuesday - 5am, 6am, 9am , 11am

Wednesday -6am, 7am , 10am , 4pm

Thursday - 5am, 6am , 9am ,4pm 

Friday - 7am,11am

Saturday - 8am

Bootcamp classes 

$25 per class 
$80 / 4 class pass 
$250/ 3 month class pass 

Nutritional support 

Nutritional coaching, support and training are provided to all of

our clients who have personal training or prime membership! We work with our nutritionist to make sure you are getting the best possible outcome from your training sessions!

Moses Fitness has been a GAME-CHANGER for me. I had fallen out of my fitness routine for a while. Moms know that we put ourselves last and I was hesitant to jump right into a program. Lee has been amazing. I have felt encouraged and supported. Lee makes it fun and is motivating so that I am committed to my next workout! He creates an environment where he pushes you to have a great workout but he makes me laugh when I need it, picks me up when I need a lift. My freshman and sophomore daughters also see Lee and they LOVE it. I would never believe the praise, encouragement, and laughs that they talk about after a workout before they started at Mosses fitness. I am not even doing it justice you MUST give it a try for yourself

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