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High School and college Strength and  Conditioning 

Our High school Strength and Conditioning programs are tailored to each athlete. When designing our programs we take into account the athletes ability, experience in the weight room, and if they are in or out of season. 

Each of our phases are structured around injury prevention and return to sport for athletes bouncing back from injury. Each training sessions consist of 


  • Foam rolling (soft tissue work)

  • Dynamic warm up 

  • Power, jumping, and landing mechanics

  • Linear, lateral and multidirectional speed training

  • Strength training divided into upper, lower, and full body

  • Conditioning 

  •  Nutritional coaching 

Middle School ages 11- 14

Our Middle school programs are designed to teach our athletes the foundation of strength and conditioning. Our athletes go through our program developing the ground work needed to be the best athlete they can be. Each program consist of 

  • Foam rolling, dynamic warm up .  

  • Power, jumping, landing mechanics

  • Linear, lateral and multidirectional and foot speed training.

  • Strength training is divided into upper, lower, and core training 

  • Conditioning  

(Youth) 5th - 6th Grade Ages 10 -  11

Our intro to strength class introduces the strength and conditioning world to younger athletes. Each program is designed around injury prevention, and teaching our younger athletes proper form and technique in a weight room setting. Each athlete will go through a series of drills ranging from speed, agility, multi directional movement and power.


In the weight room we teach each athlete proper forms when it comes to pushing, pulling, unilateral and bilateral exercises and more! Each class meets every Monday at 4:30pm please fill out the form below to register!

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